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Summer Wedding in Sicily

Giada and Graziano, a young Sicilian couple, decided to get married in their homeland, Sicily. It was a wedding I had carefully prepared for over a long period: flights, rental cars, B&B, equipment, all meticulously planned. I like to do things properly.

The homes of the bride and groom’s families and the church were located in Augusta, just like my B&B. The day was beautiful, with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze. The atmosphere of celebration and a bit of tension could already be felt from the early stages of preparation at home.

At the bride’s arrival at the church, there was a crowd of friends and curious. The meeting between the groom and the bride was emotional. After the ceremony, I took group photos in front of the church and we headed towards the beach.

For the wedding photoshoot, we chose the Vendicari nature reserve and its Tonnara. The colors of the sky, land, and sea blended together, creating a picturesque scene. It was a fun and exciting session.

The Tafuri Castle in Portopalo di Capo Passero was the chosen venue for the celebrations. Food, music, and dancing, all in Sicilian style, warm and colorful. The wedding was very lively and for some of us the party continued beyond the location, with a final stop in the stunning and famous town of Marzamemi. The bride and groom, some guests, and I toasted with a beer, thus closing an intense day of joy.

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