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Wedding in a Basilica in the Lodigiano

Ester and Ignazio, two closely bonded souls, decided to crown their love in the picturesque setting of the Lodigiano, choosing the majestic basilica of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano to unite their hearts in front of God. The basilica, with its ancient stone walls and centuries-old frescoes, emanated an aura of sacredness and solemnity. The day was radiant, with the sun illuminating the surrounding fields. The atmosphere of anticipation and excitement grew as Ester and Ignazio prepared for the big moment. Ester, visibly moved, walked down the long nave arm in arm with her father, while the guests and Ignazio admired her beauty. Upon their reunion, a strong embrace dampened all emotions. During the ceremony, the symphony orchestra accompanied their vows of love, filling the sacred space with sweetness and harmony.

Before capturing some intimate and romantic moments of complicity behind the castle, I joined them for a greeting and some photos with the elderly grandparents at home, who could not attend the big day. Then we headed to Villa Litta in Orio Litta for the evening reception, a splendid villa known for the past patronage of illustrious figures such as Giacomo Puccini and King Umberto I. The villa’s park and its interiors are the perfect place to celebrate this special moment. Capturing timeless photographs in a historical and enchanting setting like this makes everything more simple and dreamlike.

Ester’s dress change for the dances, for the dance with her father, and for the first dance with Ignazio as husband and wife, surrounded by the affection of their loved ones, made the evening unforgettable.

Amidst laughter, hugs, and good food, with all the guests enjoying the festive atmosphere, Ester and Ignazio cut the wedding cake together, sealing their mutual commitment of love and complicity. The night was spent in a joyful explosion of wild dances and sweet conversations under the stars, a happiness and joy that will accompany Ester and Ignazio throughout their life together.

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