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Treat yourself Nicodemo’s team

Nicodemo and his team were exceptional. A true team! They make us feel comfortable and they also allowed us to enjoy the party and that unforgettable day with friends and family. He doesn’t seek the perfect shot to win awards; he seeks the perfect shot for the couple, considering their needs and making them feel at ease from the beginning to the end. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the day and that I wouldn’t be able to be surrounded by photographers. I swear I didn’t even notice them, super discreet, friendly, precise, and reliable. Eleonora, who works with Nicodemo, is a very sweet girl; a bit of female solidarity is always nice, especially on the day when you don’t want a single hair out of place. Luca, who was introduced to us as the videographer, was also fantastic. Without asking us to pose, but simply letting us have fun. The shots, I don’t even need to tell you, are unique. Brides, grooms, if you want to treat yourselves, invest in the photographer, because he is the person who captures the indelible memories that will accompany you for a lifetime. Treat yourselves, and treat your guests, who will be able to celebrate without being chased by the attention-seeking photographers that are so trendy these days, and choose Nicodemo and his team. We found him on among many others, and we are grateful for our choice.

Anna T.

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A guarantee

We were very satisfied with our choice of Nicodemo to capture the memories of our most beautiful day! His style is distinctly recognizable and stands out from all others, a result of his extensive experience in the field and professional qualifications. On our wedding day, he made us feel very comfortable, and the outcome was exceptional, both for the final album and the video. Beyond his technical and professional skills, he also built a great relationship based on mutual trust and listening to our needs. Choose him and you won’t regret!

Gabriele Z. 

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Fairytales photographs

Making our Wedding day one of the most beautiful memories was our priority. We would choose Nicodemo a thousand times over for such a special day! We believe that choosing the photographer is one of the most important decisions because “on that day” you feel so many emotions that you can’t fully experience them, so the best way to relive them is to take a wonderful journey through the countless shots. Nicodemo managed to “tell” our day in the best possible way, allowing us to relive all the emotions a “second time.” He is incredibly attentive to every little detail and he is also very discreet. Thank you for the wonderful work you did and for capturing our every step!!!

Cristina and Thomas

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Everyone’s dreams photographer

Nicodemo immediately made us feel comfortable. He managed to capture unique portraits and moments of our wedding, and by the end of the day, he had already sent us some beautiful photos. During the photoshoot, Nicodemo jokes with you to make you feel at ease and has a unique vision of the places he visits, so he knows exactly how to position you and which spot is best for the most memorable shot. We would hire him 1000 times over. As the cherry on top, he donates part of his earnings to a charity project he personally oversees in Africa.

Chiara C.

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Super photographer

We met Luca through our wedding planner and we immediately felt comfortable. During the ceremony he captured perfect moments. We have just received the album and video, everything is really beautiful!!

Ylenia I.

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The perfect photographer

We got married on December 23rd, and Nicodemo was a true support we could rely on. Serious, discreet, and professional, yet incredibly helpful and friendly. He accompanied us throughout the day with original and spontaneous shots, though we also had our classic posed photos. Needless to say, the photos are truly of excellent quality. He was also very accommodating afterward, especially with editing the photos (bonus: he edited ALL the photos from the day, so if in 10-20 years someone wants to print more, they are already perfect and ready) and creating the album, providing professional advice and letting us have the final word. We had a wonderful experience and wholeheartedly recommend him.

Sara P. 

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Memories that will last forever

One of the things we focused on the most was the choosing photo and video for our wedding. It’s the only thing that can make you relive the wedding day. Nicodemo is an incredibly kind and helpful person; he understood our need, and we developed a very close and comfortable relationship, which immediately put us at ease. The wedding day was amazing: we enjoyed the day without any pressure. The staff was always present but practically invisible (and we had 4 operators!). The photobooth organized during the day entertained our guests a lot. We recently received the photos and videos, and the result was incredible: beautiful photos and a very emotional video. A memory that will last forever. We wholeheartedly recommend Nicodemo and his entire staff.

Valeria P.

Valeria e Fabio

Milan – Turin in one shot

Luca and his team made our day unforgettable, capturing every single moment of that beautiful day. They made us laugh and always made us feel comfortable. Thank you for everything, guys.


Sofia e Francesco

An amazing memory of our wedding day

We had the pleasure of asking Nicodemo to be the photographer of our wedding. His availability and experience greatly helped us on our wedding day. The result was truly incredible: the photos, the album, the video, and the prints are beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a wonderful memory of the most beautiful day of our lives!


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Luca was fantastic; he understood when it was time to step in and when to give us space. Super professional, super skilled. We’ve only seen a small preview of his work and we were amazed; we can’t wait to see the rest. Highly recommend him!

Mattia B.

Giulia e Luca

Highly reccomended!

Incredible experience! Luca and his team made us feel at ease from the very beginning and captured every important moment, making it even more beautiful. The album and video exceeded our expectations; we are extremely happy to have chosen Luca for our special day! Thank you so much!!!

Giulia and Luca

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Un Not just an artist.

Nico’s photos struck us from the very first look: I love his gaze and the post-production work. Nico and Saverio (the videographer) are masters at making you feel comfortable; just a couple of shots and you already feel like you’re with two friends. Incredibly nice, always available, not only professionals in their field but also reliable support on the most beautiful day of your life. Their communication was always impeccable in the lead-up to the wedding. We couldn’t have made a better choice.


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