Supporting Children’s Education in Uganda

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There are over 250 million children worldwide who cannot go to school, play, or receive adequate nutrition because they are forced to work to survive in conditions of exploitation and danger. In order to provide concrete help to these children, it is not necessary to be close to them. It is enough to reach where the need is.

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Your support will enable them to study, grow up and, one day, bring value within their community of origin


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With my wedding photography services, I support the Mission Bambini Foundation’s education project for the children of the Kitanga village in Uganda. The aim of this project is to provide schooling for over 900 children and teenagers aged 6 to 18, from the poorest families in the Kitanga village.

Thanks to the donated aid, the children will be able to attend school, receive clean uniforms and educational materials, have access the canteen, and receive medical care when needed. By choosing the services offered by Nicodemo Luca Lucà, you will be proud to have contributed and supported programs that help less fortunate children. In the first quarter of each year, I will donate part of the proceeds from your wedding photography service to the Mission Bambini Foundation.

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Thanks to your help, they can continue to live in the place where they were born, close to their loved ones

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The project has also made it possible to build important facilities near the school: mills, carpentry workshops, metalworking laboratories, tailoring shops (where clothes for the villagers and uniforms for the students are produced), a health center, and a social bank. At least 32 students who attended the school are now studying at the university.

Qualified and paid staff work at the Kitanga village thanks also to my support: 63 people including teachers, cooks, treasurers, secretaries, cleaners, and guards passionately and dedicatedly carry out their work, personally investing in helping these children.