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Each wedding is a testament to love, joy, and the beginning of a new chapter. Our dedicated team of photographers brings a blend of creativity, sensitivity, and professionalism to ensure that every moment, from the intimate preparations to the grand celebrations, is documented in its most authentic and heartfelt form.Browse through our collection of wedding stories to see how we have captured the essence of each couple’s special day. Each story is a journey of love, filled with spontaneous smiles, emotional tears, and unforgettable moments

  • Lorenzo e Piergiulio 11023 14

    Exciting Civil Union in Genoa

    Lorenzo and Piergiulio quickly decided to unite in marriage and organized everything in just a few months. After many years of a long-distance relationship,…

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  • Ylenia e Alessandro 150923 38

    Fairytale Wedding at Villa Acquaroli

    In the picturesque setting of Villa Acquaroli in Carvico, Ylenia and Alessandro experienced a dreamy day, surrounded by the beauty of the place and…

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  • Alessia e Fabio 90923 25

    Wedding on the hills of Monferrato

    The soft shades of early afternoon caress the village of Olivola, announcing the beginning of an unforgettable day for Alessia and Fabio, the two…

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  • Shaghayegh e Gabriele 70723 29

    Elegant Wedding at the Royal Palace, Milan

    A warm and sunny summer day in Milan. Shaghayegh and Gabriele are getting ready for their wedding, and through my lens, I will have…

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  • Alessandra e Lorenzo 290423 42

    Celebratory Wedding at Piajo Resort in Nembro

    It was an unforgettable day for Alessandra and Lorenzo, whose wedding transformed the Paio Resort in Nembro into a stage of joy and fun.…

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  • Carlotta e Luca 81022 59

    A Fun Wedding at Palazzo Gambara

    Carlotta had contacted me about a year earlier, expressing sincerely how important it was for her to capture every moment of her wedding day.…

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  • Francesca e Lorenzo 20722 41

    Colorful Wedding in Milan

    Let yourself be carried away on a journey of emotions and beauty through the wedding of Francesca and Lorenzo, a couple of Italians residing…

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  • Marta e Davide 20722 45

    Wedding in the Japanese Garden of Villa Paradeisos

    The magic of summer fully manifested itself during the wedding celebrated in the picturesque setting of Villa Paradeisos. As the sun slowly descended on…

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  • Ester e Ignazio 40622 3

    Wedding in a Basilica in the Lodigiano

    Ester and Ignazio, two closely bonded souls, decided to crown their love in the picturesque setting of the Lodigiano, choosing the majestic basilica of…

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  • Giada e Graziano 90919 38

    Summer Wedding in Sicily

    Giada and Graziano, a young Sicilian couple, decided to get married in their homeland, Sicily. It was a wedding I had carefully prepared for…

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  • Sara e Mic 180616 63 1

    Seaside Wedding on the French Riviera

    Sara, a captivating American girl, and Michele, a true Milanese guy, have created a delightful family together. Their two children are beautiful. Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer is…

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  • Noemi e Luca 150918 55

    Emotional Wedding in Liguria

    I set off early this morning to avoid the busy road to the sea, and I don’t want to be late! First stop, Genova,…

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