to preserve emotions

To preserve emotions and moments so important, my team and I create albums with world-leading companies and laboratories in the sector. The products in the catalog, strictly MADE IN ITALY, represent a global excellence. In the construction of each album and in the layout creation, we always involve the couples. Every selection and editing process is always confirmed by the clients before sending the album for printing.

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The choice of materials to bring your dream album to life is truly extensive. The Fabric collection offers graceful and delicate solutions: linen, cotton, silk, and denim fabric will give the right brightness and freshness to your photobook, making it a unique product of its kind. If you are looking for a natural-looking and high-quality album, materials like cork, wood, and sequoia will be the ideal choices to give your memories an unparalleled class and sophistication. The distinctive craftsmanship of leather will add a vintage touch to your photobook, providing a unique and incomparable feel to the touch, while leather and faux leather represent the perfect choice to give your album a modern and elegant look. The continuous improvement process leads us to always search for new materials to add to our catalog.


Printing on all papers in the catalog is in high definition for an excellent quality result: details and colors of the photos in your wedding album will be faithfully and vividly reproduced. The magnificent Amalfi paper has a centuries-old history and has its origins in the early 12th century. Its meticulous and artisanal processing makes it a truly precious and versatile product. The 100% cotton paper for photo albums offers a soft and durable surface, ideal for printing high-quality images. Its premium texture and ability to absorb ink evenly ensure lasting and vibrant results over time. The innovative Tintoretto paper, natural and pure cellulose paper, has a light and uniform hammered surface texture that will give your photos and memories a fantastic “orange peel” effect. The splendid Fine Art papers, besides being ideal supports for intense colors and balanced contrasts, ensure the longevity of the photos over time. A fundamental feature to make the memories of your special day truly indelible. The special Metal paper, characterized by excellent brilliance, is suitable for those who wish to print on truly exclusive and refined media. Adding matte lamination will ensure a truly stunning result. To further highlight your photos inside the album, it is possible to frame them in custom passe-partouts. Made of refined Tintoretto paper, they will add value to the layout, enhancing its balance and classical features.

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Engravings, impressions, embellishments, color overlays, and customizations of all kinds will enrich the box and/or the cover of your album, transforming it into an original and tailor-made product.

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Description of Processes

Crafting Your Wedding Story

In the creative process, my team and I dedicate a lot of care to the layout and selection of photographs, ensuring they tell your wedding story in the best possible way. Each image is chosen carefully to ensure that every page conveys the magic and essence of such important memories.

We create an accurate initial draft based on the client’s preferences, which can then be further customized by the client according to their personal tastes. We work closely with the client during this revision phase to ensure that the final album fully reflects their expectations. Once consensus is reached on the final layout, we proceed with printing the album in the lab.

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