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I was born in 1980 in the hinterland of Milan. Together with my sister, I was one of my father’s favourite subjects; he always had his trusty Canon AE-1 with him. I was so proud to emulate him when I was given my first camera. My project work in photography and my creativity developed during my studies at the Faculty of Design at the Politecnico di Milano. My curiosity also led me to live abroad and learn English and French, which have been very useful in my work. Travelling and meeting people allowed me to fully understand the importance of photography in my life and over time it became my main activity.


I believe that photography is an extraordinary tool for capturing moments, emotions, and immortalizing them. I think of my photographic narrative as a book that everyone can read, with which everyone can be moved, without barriers, without borders. A book rich in nuances, details, and emotions. For this reason, I love to tell weddings with my images. Capturing wedding images is not just a visual skill, but it requires sensitivity and the ability to coordinate events and people. I am part of such a precious and unique moment, full of emotions, and I have the responsibility to preserve its memories. My main task is to find the perfect harmony: capturing extraordinary shots without interrupting the emotional flow of the celebration. My continuous research has allowed me to become part of the most prestigious wedding photography associations in the world, such as Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, My Wed, ANFM.

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