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My cohesive team of professional photographers and I blend creativity, professionalism, and sensitivity, ensuring impeccable service and photographs that capture the unique essence of your love. Our greatest focus is on putting the bride and groom at ease: like guests, we will accompany you and be part of your wedding without being intrusive, producing a spontaneous and authentic narrative of your wedding day.

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Luca Airaghi

I love capturing those magical and unrepeatable moments, the unique atmospheres of spontaneity, joy, and complicity felt on a wedding day. Every shot tells a story, a relationship, an emotion. The challenge of capturing the essence of such an important day and making it tangible through images immensely satisfies me. Each wedding is a universe of its own, full of details and meaningful gestures, and witnessing it is a privilege that fills me with joy and energy. The genuine laughter during a fun dance, the emotional tears shed for a friend’s touching speech, the electric tension felt during the preparations at the bride’s home. Being immersed in this atmosphere of continuous emotional stimulation is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. It allows me to create a spontaneous and sincere narrative that can visually convey the beauty and authenticity of the emotions experienced.

Eleonora Ottini

My love of photography stems from the desire to tell stories through images. An incurable romantic and bold dreamer, I adore people and can instantly connect with those around me, creating bonds of trust and understanding. I approach photo shoots with the care of someone who wants to give the newlyweds the best memories possible, drawing on a rich dose of technique, experience, and empathy.

My photographic eye is sensitive to emotions and gentle in its representations, yet always in search of aesthetics through the use of light and composition. I am an incredibly dedicated presence, capable of immersing myself in the personality of your wedding and interpreting it, but also an outgoing and ever-present companion to guide you with professionalism and sweetness through the various steps of your big day.

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Make your wedding day unforgettable by entrusting yourselves to my team.