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Exciting Civil Union in Genoa

Lorenzo and Piergiulio quickly decided to unite in marriage and organized everything in just a few months. After many years of a long-distance relationship, they finally found themselves living together in the same city, Genoa, Piergiulio’s hometown. Lorenzo moved for love, and today this reunion will be sealed and celebrated in front of their closest friends and family.

In Genoa, there are several locations for the celebration, and they chose the wonder of Palazzo Doria Tursi, enchanting. We all gathered in front of the entrance, the first emotions already evident in the greetings. Lorenzo and Piergiulio, very emotional, walk hand in hand up the majestic stairs that will lead them to the wedding hall on the upper floor. Triumphant entrance amidst applause. The celebrant is a dear friend of theirs and recounts their love with a poignant story. Passing through stages and squares like in Monopoly, advancing, stopping a turn, and going back. In fact, Monopoly was somewhat the theme of the wedding, with a beautiful themed tableau de mariage.

The tension created during the ceremony began to ease with the embrace of family and dear friends who came for the big day. I had the opportunity to take a beautiful group photograph and various group shots on the fantastic steps of the palace.

While the guests headed to the charming terrace of Just Peruzzi in Bogliasco for refreshments before lunch, the newlyweds and I had fun together with photographs and couple portraits in the palace and along the streets of Genoa.

The welcome on the terrace for Lorenzo and Piergiulio was fantastic, amidst applause and soap bubbles, the warmth of friends was not lacking. Lunch was relaxing; after all the intense emotions, some fun and tranquility were necessary. Before cutting the cake, the atmosphere warmed up again with some group photos, jokes, and their first dance.

At sunset, the couple took some of my initiatives to end the photographic service with great style and for a timeless memory, by the sea. A beautiful, intense wedding; I will cherish the memory of this day forever along with their photographs.

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