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Fairytale Wedding at Villa Acquaroli

In the picturesque setting of Villa Acquaroli in Carvico, Ylenia and Alessandro experienced a dreamy day, surrounded by the beauty of the place and the warmth of the love that united them. From the early hours of preparation, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation. Ylenia, radiant and beautiful in her dream dress, exuded an aura of pure happiness as she prepared for the big day. Her dress, a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, seemed to have come straight out of a fairy tale, framing her beauty with refined and delicate details. Alessandro, proud and resolute, prepared with the same emotion and determination. Representing the tangible symbol of their love and family union, the presence of their lovely daughter and their faithful dog.

Red was the color chosen by the spouses for the wedding, symbolizing the passion and intensity of their love. Every detail, from decorations to flowers, reflected this theme, creating a vibrant and enveloping atmosphere.

The civil ceremony, held in the garden of the villa, was a moment of pure magic. As Ylenia and Alessandro exchanged vows of eternal love, their little one brought the rings to mom and dad. Unfortunately, the absence of one of Alessandro’s wedding witnesses, recently deceased, cast a veil of melancholy over the celebration. When the celebrant remembered him, many mourned visibly moved.

During the evening, the party was a whirlwind of emotions and fun. Dinner was rich in performances and games that entertained and amused everyone. The final dances, under a starry sky, and the fireworks that illuminated the night sky were the perfect conclusion to this modern fairy tale.

Looking through my lens, I was able to capture not only the outer beauty of this fairy tale wedding but also the intensity of emotions and the depth of love that Ylenia and Alessandro shared. As night fell on Villa Acquaroli, I smiled and realized that these images would tell their story forever, a timeless memory of a magical and unforgettable day.

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