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Elegant Wedding at the Royal Palace, Milan

A warm and sunny summer day in Milan. Shaghayegh and Gabriele are getting ready for their wedding, and through my lens, I will have the privilege of capturing the most exciting and meaningful moments of the day.

Civil ceremonies in the municipality of Milan are held in the wonderful Wedding Hall, inside the Royal Palace. The hall boasts a sumptuous style with a cobalt blue vault, mirrored walls, chandeliers with crystal drops, and an imposing tapestry from the 17th century. An original 18th-century table welcomes the witnesses and the bride and groom to celebrate their marriage. The guests are already seated. Moments of strong emotion accompanied their union.

From the beginning, it was clear that this marriage would be a fusion of cultures and traditions. The groom, of Calabrian origins, and the bride, Iranian, brought together the best of their worlds to create a unique and unforgettable event.

The group photo in front of the Royal Palace, the couple’s session through the streets of the city center, in front of the Duomo and the Museum of the Twentieth Century, the walk in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele with the inevitable lucky ritual of crushing the balls of the bull. Finally, we headed to a suggestive and splendid location: Villa Antona Traversi in Meda.

The beauty and elegance of the villa added a touch of sophistication to the party. Here, I could capture the joy and happiness of their guests as they celebrated the love of Shaghayegh and Gabriele.

In addition to the shots inside and outside the venue, the couple portraits with the play of lights from the windows and the sunset, the dances during the meal, one of the most touching moments was the bride’s traditional Iranian dance at the end of the day, an opportunity to celebrate her culture and heritage.

Looking through my lens, I could see not only the beauty of this wedding but also the warmth and love that made this day so special.

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