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A Fun Wedding at Palazzo Gambara

Carlotta had contacted me about a year earlier, expressing sincerely how important it was for her to capture every moment of her wedding day. My style, a mix of reportage and portrait photography, was embraced by her as ideal for narrating and preserving the memories of her big day.

Already at Luca’s house, the groom, the atmosphere was charged with fun. With his playful spirit, he gladly posed for the camera, making everything more spontaneous. When an immediate and genuine relationship is established with the subjects, taking photographs becomes easier, allowing for exploration of creative territories effortlessly.

Carlotta chose to get ready at her parents’ house. As soon as I arrived, I was struck by the contagious energy that pervaded the house, especially the kitchen. It was bustling with a group of women gathered in one room: the mother of the bride, makeup artist, bridesmaids, and witnesses. Meanwhile, the only man present, the father of the bride, nervously paced in the dining room, already prepared for the day. Carlotta, on the other hand, had a room all to herself upstairs, where three girls were attentively attending to her preparations. Her friends turned Carlotta’s dressing in the bedroom into a fun and emotional moment. At the sight of her father, tears of joy and emotion welled up in both of them.

A slight delay at the church kept Luca and the guests on edge, but the wait was soon rewarded when the star of the day, wrapped in her splendid dress, entered the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Calcinate, accompanied by her father, walking along a long red carpet towards her beloved.

After the touching religious ceremony, the rice throwing and the throwing of Luca, we headed towards the elegant wedding venue, Palazzo Gambara.

In the inner garden, amid melodies and culinary delights, the guests relaxed before lunch. With the newlyweds, we captured moments of complicity and joy in the elegant hall, carefully prepared for the arrival of the guests.

The refined dinner was a triumph of flavors, and the cutting of the cake unleashed a burst of celebration among friends and relatives.

Dances livened up the interior of the palace as the night took hold of the sky. A skilled DJ and a talented saxophonist heated up the atmosphere while cocktails were served during the party. My photographic service concluded with Carlotta and Luca’s romantic dance, illuminated by the nighttime glow of the palace, an intimate and unforgettable moment.

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