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Wedding in the Japanese Garden of Villa Paradeisos

The magic of summer fully manifested itself during the wedding celebrated in the picturesque setting of Villa Paradeisos. As the sun slowly descended on the horizon, enveloping everything in a golden light, the Japanese garden of the villa transformed into an oasis of tranquility and beauty. Carola,  photographer of my team, had the honor of capturing every moment of this unique and special event.

The Japanese garden, a unique gem in Italy, added a touch of exoticism and mystery to the grand occasion. While the bride and groom exchanged vows of love, Carola immortalized every glance, every smile, and every emotion. The sweet sound of water flowing among the rocks and the scent of flowers intoxicated the senses, making this moment unforgettable for everyone.

After the ceremony, the photographer took advantage of the sunset light to capture spectacular photos in the garden, making the most of the natural beauty surrounding them. The newlyweds, surrounded by the tranquility of the garden and the serenity of nature, experienced moments of intimacy and complicity that will be precious memories for their entire lives.

The reception continued in front of the villa, outdoors, where the breathtaking view of the lake and the Alps added an additional touch of romance to the evening. While the guests enjoyed the delicious food and refreshing drinks, Carola continued to immortalize every moment of joy and happiness filling the air.

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